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IBM 2000 Watt Server Supply Breakout Board

IBM DPS-2000 Power supply breakout board. Breaks out power and signal from the DPS-2000BB power supply for use as a general purpose 12VDC power supply. Note: Does not work with other power supplies besides those listed.

+ Only runs off of 240V Power, cannot be used with a 110V outlet.
+ 2000 Watts.
+ 5V and 3.3V outputs for driving auxiliary controllers.
+ The current share pin to tie together if you wish to use more than one power supply at a time.
+ External fan speed controller.
+ External on for turning more than one supply on at the flip of a single switch.
+ Power good signal to indicate whether the supply is functioning properly.
+ 14 ounces of heavy copper for handling up to 2000 Watts.

Additional information and useful documents: MANUAL (To be posted; most functions identical to D750 V0.5 documentation)
For more information, see this link or email

Price: 1-5 - $50.00 | 6-20 - $48.00 | 21+ - $45.00
18" PCIe 6-pin cables (16AWG): $3.00ea
36" PCIe 6-pin cables (16AWG): $4.00ea

We also have DPS-2000BB Supplies in stock for $35 each.

To order, email sales@gekkoscience

Please include the following information:
1. Exactly what you want (how many boards, how many cables of what length - be specific)
2. Exactly how you would like to pay (if BTC, say so; if PayPal, include your PP address for invoicing)
3. Exactly where it needs to be shipped (any details USPS will need to know to get it there the first time)
4. Your bitcointalk forum handle (or other nickname, optional, for the public order queue)

All orders will be placed in the queue in the order payment was made. All orders or other requests must be paid within 3 days of invoice issuance or the order will be cancelled. Under no circumstances will any orders (or partial orders) be shipped without payment in full.