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Dell 750 Watt Server Supply Breakout Board

Dell PowerEdge 2950 (Z750p) Power supply breakout board. Breaks out power and signal from the Z750p power supply for use as a general purpose 12V power supply. Offered optionally with PCIE 6 pin cables. Buy a kit and get 4 cables and the power supply- everything you need to power your hardware! To order, email

+ 750 Watts.
+ 3.3V output for driving auxiliary controllers.
+ The current share pin to tie together if you wish to use more than one power supply at a time.
+ External fan speed controller.
+ External on for turning more than one supply on at the flip of a single switch.
+ Power good signal to indicate whether the supply is functioning properly.
+ Sold with or without the required power supply.
+ Optionally for a slight price increase the following features can be added: 5V output, and current measurement ($3 each).

BOARDS: 1-5 - $28.00 | 6-20 - $26.00 | 21+ - $24.00
18" PCIe 6-pin cables (16AWG): $3.00ea 36" PCIe 6-pin cables (16AWG): $4.00ea KITS: 1-10 - $50.00 | 11+ - $45.00 (Board, compatible power supply, and four cables.)

To order, email Paypal or bitcoin will be accepted as payment.

The board documentation is located here: V0.4 Documentation V0.5 Documentation. For more information, see this link or email

One Board is enough to run two Antminers on stock clock.

If you need more power, no problem, just wire them up for current sharing, as documented here.